Foreword by Hercule Bastian Rothschilde

Sometimes, it is best to tear down the old and bring in something anew when one wishes to recover the seemingly irrecoverable. But on occasion, the diligent craftsman will see a quality in the ruins of the structure that might be salvaged and that inspires hope for rebuilding something better in its place. 

It would be indulgent and insincere of me to suggest that the rise of Heather Jackman and her continued endeavours for the good of the Camarilla are a reflection of my will. And yet I take some pride in the actions I have undertaken in her preparation. Indeed, I once held the inarguable right to her destruction – a right I’m sure others might have exercised – but instead chose to exercise a degree of trust in the nature of her particular beast.

That Jack is an enigma to many does not surprise me. Both she and her peer Angus were forged in strife and wear the marks of it if one looks closely enough. But in Jack, I saw qualities that required further attention. It is rare, in my experience, to find Kindred actively engaged in improving their moral character whilst accepting the necessity of carrying out actions meant to keep peace and maintain good order. More remarkable in the modern nights is a Fury of Clan Brujah with the will to stand apart from her colours and see the world in black and white; With patience and passion in equal parts. 

It is tempting to suggest that she would have made a very poor Tremere, but in truth, I believe her will would have been up to the task, had she been appropriately guided. 

I, for one, could watch her for a century and not grow tired of the distraction.


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